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Crystal Clear Canine Training

Serving the Twin Cities Area and Western Wisconsin 715-403-1772

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What better way to have your dog trained than to have them live with a professional, Certified Training and Behavior Specialist??  This training option is popular with busy professionals and anyone who would like top notch, dependable training on their dog.

Crystal Clear Canine Training is located on 30+ acres just north of River Falls WI.  We are a home away from home for dogs in our care.  Dogs in training have access to a heated/air conditioned kennels area with an attached play yard, a large heated shop for training, a very secluded apple orchard/trails to romp around on, and live in their trainer's home as if they were one of the family!

A typical day for a canine camper includes a morning full of obedience related training, a mid-day break to relax, an afternoon of socializing with the other dogs in camp and going on field trips to work on generalizing the training, and ends with an evening of practicing good home manners in the home of professional trainers.

The focus is on getting results while keeping the training fresh, fun and exciting!  Dogs in camp are not left in kennels and only attended to randomly throughout the day-  camp becomes their home away from home.

*Boarding only option available on a case-by-case basis for established Crystal Clear Canine Training clients.  Advanced notice is appreciated.*

At the end of your dog's stay, a 90 minute go-home session focuses on learning about how to maintain your dog's training.  Every dog goes home with a customized go-home packet and a personalized plan. 

To make sure that you get the most out of your investment, Crystal offers continued complimentary in-home/private lesson training for every dog in camp. 
(Complementary hours must be used within 4 months of your reunion)


This helps ensure that you get the hands-on, face to face support that will turn you dog's training with Crystal into life-long habits with you.

Due to the hands-on, home environment emphasis of this program, space is limited.

*Specialized training outside of the curriculum above including but not limited to customized plans/lengths of stay, behavior modification, return for refresher training, and/or aggression management/resolution will have a customized per-day/week rate.
*Severe behavior problem resolution and or aggression management may require a longer stay.
*Travel charges may apply for follow up sessions in the event the trainer travels to the client's home for the session
*Vaccinations, including Bordetella, are required for all canine campers.  Canine campers are required to be on a flea/tick preventative (such as Frontline), and a heart worm preventative (such as Heartguard) during their stay.  A copy of most recent vaccination records are required.

Crystal Clear Canine Training
(715) 403-1772

Complete Companion Camp

($1500 for 4 weeks*)

For dogs of all ages

Making Good Decisions Under Distraction at Home AND in Public

Includes basic manners training:
Stays are Built Into the Sit and Down command
Walking on a Loose Leash
Home Manners
Complete Off-Leash Control and Reliability

Behavioral Intervention Camp

($2000 for 5 weeks*)

Includes our Complete Companion Camp
A Long Term Behavior Modification Plan for Behavioral Issues

The goal of camp when behavioral issues are present:  To get things turned in the right direction, so we can continue going in the right direction once the dog returns home.

We find what works for your dog's unique behavioral issues, and we continue to work together after camp has completed for long term success.

*Dogs with severe separation anxiety may not be good candidates for a board and train program.*

Both of our programs include 2 hours of In-Home follow up training
To ensure that you have continued support from your trainer.

It can be hard to be away from your best friend... Updates and photos are regularly posted on Crystal Clear Canine Training's Facebook page.  To check out some of our canine campers, click on the facebook icon below: