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Crystal Clear Canine Training

Serving the Twin Cities Area and Western Wisconsin 715-403-1772

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A:Crystal is experienced in using a wide variety of techniques that are best for the owners preferences and the dog's needs.  There are as many different temperaments of dogs as there are different breeds of dogs, so why use cookie-cutter training methods?  Often trainers are set in their methods because they only know how to properly implement certain methods.  Crystal is able to implement various techniques to help owners achieve their training goals while strengthening relationship.  A true professional is educated and experienced in as many methods as possible so that they can provide their clients with as many options as possible.  Crystal prides herself in being the only dog trainer with a formal education in canine behavior in the area. To see more on Crystal's credentials, click here.

A:  Dogs need three things to live a well-balanced and happy life.  Those three things are:  Physical Stimulation (exercise), Mental Stimulation, and Communication.  Training helps to satisfy these three important pieces of the "happy dog puzzle".  For example:  If your dog walks nicely, you enjoy it more and your dog gets walked more often- an increase in physical stimulation.  Teaching your dog to be an active thinker through training and teaching them new things increases their mental stimulation.  Knowing proper training techniques and implementing them develops strong lines of communication.  When your dog is well balanced, it's happy- and that tends to be a contagious state of mind.  For more detailed information on the three things that dogs need to live a balanced life, check out my blog:

A:Training your dog can (and should) be looked at as an insurance policy.  An untrained dog is more likely to cost their owner thousands of dollars in damages from nuisance behavior, emergency medical bills, and in instances of aggression: law suits.  When you invest in your dog's training, you are investing in the safety and happiness of all those involved.  As a result you will enjoy a healthier and happier live together.  When a dog understands what is expected of them, you can bring out the best in them and in turn, they bring out the best in you.  That's what it's all about.  Crystal's goal is to make training accessible and affordable for all dog owners, and her rates reflect that goal.  Feel free to contact her her for a free behavioral evaluation.

Q:  I have worked with other trianers with no results, and have been told that my dog is "un-trainable"...

Unless your dog has an underlying neurological or medical condition that is limiting his/her ability to learn, he/she CAN be trained.  The truth is that there is a lack of education and practical experience in the field of dog training.  There are good trainers out there, but unfortunately they are often limited in their skill set.  Working with a professional dog trainer that has a true understanding of dog behavior, and has experience working with dogs who are "difficult" is the best route to go.  Crystal has extensive experience working with dogs with severe aggression and social issues and a formal education in canine behavior.  A trainer with limited experience may excel at training your average happy-go-lucky dogs and then dismiss the others as "untrainable".  If you ever hear that word come out of a trainer's mouth,  seek out a trainer who is qualified and has the patience and skill to assist you in your training goals.  With Crystal Clear Canine Training, there is no such thing as flunking obedience school.  Check out the testimonialtestimonial page page- it includes some success stories from others who had limited to no results before working with Crystal.

A:There are many different types/mixes of aggression.  It is important when working with a dog that has aggressive issues that you understand what the triggers are and the type of aggression(s) you are dealing with.  Crystal is an Aggression Specialist and is professionally educated in canine aggression.  She has worked with many dogs displaying various levels aggression, and is very experienced in handling dogs with aggressive issues. Crystal can successfully help owners to learn the tools to confidently, and constructively control and reverse aggressive behavior.

A:"Place" is a boundary stay.  Essentially anything that has clearly defined boundaries, such as their bed, a chair, a picnic table, or even the back seat of your car can be used as a "place".  Place is a more relaxed command than most obedience commands in that your dog is allowed to move around on their place.  They can stand up, sit down, lay down, move around on the place- they are just not allowed to come off of the place or bark/whine while on the place.  The place is one of Crystal Clear Canine Training's most convenient/popular commands in that it allows your dog to spend more time with their family, whereas before they may have been confined to the their crate, the backyard or a laundry room.  If your dog is on place- they can't get themselves into trouble. This allows them to fulfill their social needs by being able to be around their family- and it allows you to relax and enjoy your dog's company without watching them like a hawk.  It also is an awesome tool for door manners!  Crystal can actually help you teach your dog that the knock on the door/ the doorbell means "place"!  Place drastically improves your dog's home manners!

In the picture below a board and train camper, Peaches the Goldendoodle,  is working on place while Crystal Clear Canine Training's distraction specialist (Titan the cat) looks on.
Crystal Clear Canine Training
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