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Crystal Clear Canine Training

Serving the Twin Cities Area and Western Wisconsin 715-403-1772

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Exciting News: Crystal has partnered with Angel's Pet World to hold group classes at their new location in the River City Center in downtown Hudson, WI.

**Drop-In option now available for $30/class!**

A Class for EVERYONE

Every dog is unique.  Every dog owner's goals are different.  Why attend a generalized, cookie cutter class to get the best training for your dog?


Group classes with a dog trainer typically have a set curriculum:  It doesn't matter if your dog already knows sit and're going to go through it with everyone else as they learn it.  If your dog is fearful... it doesn't get the most out of class because the focus is not on shy/fearful issues.... it's on "stay" and not jumping.  If you have a puppy, attending a group class is great for socialization... but what about exposure to dogs of all ages and sizes? It can be intimidating signing up for weeks of class on the same day every week without knowing if the training is what you expect.

After years of doing all kinds of group classes, Crystal has found a solution: 

Custom Classes that focus on a semi-private lesson format.  From puppy basics, to advanced training...this format of class includes everyone.  A cross between group class and a private lesson, Custom Classes provide a customized plan and approach for the best group class experience.

So, how do you get started?

1) Purchase your classes here

2) Schedule your class below or by clicking here

3) Bring your dog, some treats, and a 6 ft. leash

 It's as easy as that!

Classes Currently Offered:

- Puppy Basics -
For dogs 5 months of age and younger (as young as 10 weeks).  All attendees in this class will have puppies, and we customize each class to the specific goals of those in attendance. Puppies can attend either a puppy basics class, OR a custom class as it provides complete socialization in that they gain exposure to dogs of all ages and sizes in a structured environment.

- Custom Class -
For dogs of all ages, and all goals.  Each individual class time will have a focus on a customized approach to training.  There will be things practiced as a group such as excitability control, walking on a loose leash etc.  However, we also spend time working on your unique goals for that class time.  Class is limited to 6 participants.  When class is full, two instructors will be present to ensure an individual focus, effective guidance, and quality attention to your goals.

Well trained children are welcome to attend class as we believe that the whole family should be involved.  It also provides valuable socialization to the dogs in attendance to have exposure to all sizes and ages of humans!

(Descriptions in the scheduling form below)


About the Punch Card System:

You get together with other dogs and their owners to work on training.  The difference with our classes is:  You work on what you want to work on.  You come to the class dates that fit your schedule, and if you skip a week it's no big deal.  You get the personalized attention and friendly instruction that is sometimes compromised in a group class situation, and you get the socialization and convenience of an hour class.  You can use your punch card to attend any class that is offered.

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