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Crystal Clear Canine Training

Serving the Twin Cities Area and Western Wisconsin 715-403-1772

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Meet The Team...

Crystal Close
-Owner/Head Trainer-
-Certified Canine Training and Behavior Specialist-
-Canine Aggression Specialist-

Originally from the small town of Bruce, Wisconsin, Crystal grew up on a farm in the country with animals for siblings.  Developing a love for dog training while in 4-H at the age of 13, she always knew she wanted a career working with dogs.  After attending college for years on the path to become a veterinarian, she decided to pursue the behavioral aspect of dogs rather than the medical.  She is a graduate of the prestigious Triple Crown Academy outside of Austin, Texas (recently renamed Starmark Academy).  As a student in the academy she learned from some of the best trainers in the country.  This school for professional dog trainers holds their students to a high standard, with extensive course material and hands-on practical requirements.  After graduation, she was offered an apprenticeship where she worked with the instructors in the academy, and was a member of the training department. Duties included conducting group classes, private lessons and training dogs in the in-kennel board and train program at the world's largest training and behavior facility.   She was then hired to write the curriculum for two extensive distance education programs for Triple Crown Academy and acted as the Distance Education Instructor of those programs while remaining a member of the training department.  

After working at Triple Crown for a couple of years, Crystal moved back to River Falls WI in 2009 with her three dogs.  She then started working as a trainer with The Canine Coach, the largest professional dog training company in the Twin Cities.  In 2011, she branched out on her own and founded Crystal Clear Canine Training. She enjoys helping people and their dogs reach their training goals through teaching classes, doing in-home training and running her own board and train program.

Holly Wynveen
-Certified Professional Dog Trainer-

Holly is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA).  Growing up, Holly always had a passion and love for dogs, especially for dog behavior. Her childhood dog Shadow was a huge reason she knew she wanted to be a dog trainer!

Life would lead her on a round about path to get there. While attending UWRF Holly decided to enroll in an online dog obedience trainer and instructor program. After graduation, and dabbling in a few unrelated fields, Holly reached out to Crystal looking for an externship. Holly started as an apprentice at Crystal Clear Canine Training in 2014 and worked her way up to trainer.  

Holly currently lives with her husband, daughter, and 2 dogs in Hammond, WI. In her free time, you very likely may find her watching dog-related seminars or reading about dogs and we love her passion for learning all that she can to best serve the dogs and owners that she works with!

Riley Close
-Professional Dog Trainer-

Riley has always had a love for dogs...but when he met Crystal in 2009, dogs became a very prominent part of his life.  In 2011, Crystal and Riley were engaged and Crystal Clear Canine Training was founded.  As the business grew, he decided to leave the IT (information technology) world to provide his full time support to the dogs.  You might even say that he's living and loving a life gone to the dogs!  With years of hands on experience assisting Crystal in the training of dogs, and being that Crystal is a former instructor for professional dog trainers, it was only a matter of time before Riley became a trainer as well.  Riley is currently a full time trainer for the business, and he helps to ensure that the dogs in the home-based board and train program are always getting love, care, training and supervision.  He is currently working toward his formal certification in dog training.

See more pictures on C3 Training's Facebook page.  Click Here.


Bucky is a 10 pound Jack Russell.  He's also a movie star!  You can see him in the movie Beyond a Reasonable Doubt with Michael Douglas.  Crystal and Bucky worked on the film in Louisianna just 6 months after Bucky was found as a stray on the streets, and was put into Triple Crown's rescue dog training program.  It was here where he was assigned to Crystal while she was a student. He was very fearful of everything and everyone when he arrived in the program. He is now a super out-going guy who wins everyone's heart with his awesome personality (and by hamming it up with his large repertoire of tricks)! 

Bucky is featured on a Jack Russel website- to read the article on his story, click here

Crystal & Riley's Dogs


Cayanne is a working German line German Shepherd with extremely high drive and puts intensity and focus into every training session.  Crystal has titled her to the BH level in Schutzhund,( a dog sport consisting of obedience, tracking and protection ).  She has also been trained in narcotics, agility and human article detection.  She's a very bright eyed, intelligent dog and is happiest when she's working. Riley has given her the nickname "Squirrel" because of her fun and lively personality.



Indy comes from a long line of field trial champions and his father competed in the Retriever Super Series 3 times placing in the top three each time.  His mother placed 7th in the Super Retriever Crown Championship.  Indy?  He's extremely athletic and full of life.  ALWAYS happy. He loves to randomly jump in the air like he has springs on his feet.  He likes to talk to Crystal & Riley in low grunt tones, and weaves between their legs whenever they give him the okay.

Indy is from Best Retrievers in Paige, Texas.  Click here to visit their website

About Crystal's Certification...

The Canine Training and Behavior Specialist Diploma is the highest level of certification offered at Triple Crown Academy's School for Professional Dog Trainers (Now known as Starmark Academy).  Not only did Crystal receive this certification, she received the  high honor of being chosen as an apprentice after graduation.  After her apprenticeship, she was hired by Triple Crown and wrote two extensive online programs. These interactive distance ed programs were offered to students aspiring to become professional dog trainers all over the world. Once she completed the writing of these programs, she acted as the main instructor for the distance education program while continuing to be a member of the training department at Triple Crown.

Whatever the training goals are, Crystal Clear Canine Training's education and experience have allowed them to help countless dogs and their owners live better lives together. 

There are different options, but all are designed to help your dog live up to their full potential: 

Group Classes, In-Home Training, or Board & Train Programs.

Crystal's certification at Triple Crown/Starmark Academy (Certified Canine Training & Behavior Specialist) was earned by meeting written and hands-on practical requirements after an intensive course of study in the following areas:

  • Canine Learning Theory
  • Basic Pet Obedience
  • Canine Aggression
  • Advanced Clicker Training
  • Basic Principles in Behavior
  • Behavior Evaluation and Temperament Testing
  • Defensive Handling
  • Group Classes
  • Private Lessons
  • Puppy Imprinting and Socialization
  • Agility
  • Kennel Management
  • Business Techniques
  • Intermediate Pet Obedience
  • Advanced Behavior Modification Techniques
  • In Kennel Training
  • Puppy Selection
  • Advanced Pet Obedience
  • Competitive Obedience
  • In Home Training
  • Protection
  • Police K-9 Theory and techniques
  • Scent Discrimination (Narcotics, explosives, cadaver etc.)
  • Tracking
  • Canine Sports
  • Assistance/Service Dogs
  • Search and Rescue

Crystal Clear Canine Training
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