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You Love your Dog, but You may not always love their behavior...

We empower a community of like-minded dog owners and dog professionals that work together in building the best lives possible with the dogs we all love.

The dogs bring us together.


When you go to a group class for dog training, you want to be able to focus on your goals...

Our programs are designed in a way where we get to do all kinds of fun stuff as we go through training for the everyday dog.

Home Away from Home CCC.png

Your dog is an important member of your family.  And, when they have the opportunity to live with us for training... they become a part of our family too.

We believe in an un-matched level of quality and care for your dog while they get their learn on.


When you are looking to train with your dog you may find yourself searching high and low for the answers.

Our clients never have to go it alone without support or access to our community of like-minded dog owners and dog professionals.

We're always open... no matter what's going on in the world

Updates for fellow pros: 

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