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Day Care With Training

While you're busy during the day, your dog can be busy learning, socializing, and training with a professional trainer at our facility in downtown River Falls, Wisconsin.

You get to enjoy the beneficial effects of day training when they're home with you in the evenings and weekends. Thanks to our cutting edge programs you'll know exactly how to maintain and build on the training we do with your dog, and you will be supported every step of the way.

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Dogs are really cool and all... but what about YOU?


For you:

Access to personalized coaching, our Academy Portal with a customized library, and a community where you have 24/7 access to support and VIP access to really cool events... for real, we do really fun sh*t.

You learn along with your dog.  We connect you to the training process with your dog as they are here so you can actually be a part of the process.


We share everyday life here so owners can be in the loop with all of the doggy know-how our staff has... and then you get to apply that knowledge into everyday life at home with your dog.


Our Day Camp is more than just daycare. 


All dogs in day camp spend the day learning, socializing, and training, and our enrollment numbers are small to ensure the best attention and care per dog.


This program offers a great alternative to traditional doggie daycare.  At most daycares, dogs are allowed to run wild, with an increased risk of developing poor manners and injury.  Here, the focus is on balancing your dog's needs so they can be a well mannered member of society, and your home.

Daycare options are often limited to staff with minimal training.  Our staff is comprised of career orientated professional dog trainers and behaviorists who are graduates from the top trainer academies in the country. 

Your dog won't just be lost in the crowd, they'll be part of a small group of dogs getting individualized attention and training all day long.


Customized plans to work on your unique training goals

Our Day Camp is customized to each unique dog/owner team.  We start out with getting to know each other. 

Fill out the form below to set up your complimentary consultation with our trainers at our training space in downtown River Falls!

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