Certified Canine Training & Behavior Specialist
Aggression Specialist
AKC CGC Evaluator #96988
Head Trainer

Originally from the small town of Bruce, Wisconsin, Crystal grew up on a farm in the country with animals for siblings.  Developing a love for dog training while in 4-H at the age of 13, she always knew she wanted a career working with dogs. 


After attending college for years on the path to become a veterinarian, she decided to pursue the behavioral aspect of dogs rather than the medical.  She is a graduate of the prestigious Triple Crown Academy outside of Austin, Texas (now known as Starmark Academy).  As a student in the academy she learned from some of the best trainers in the country.  This school for professional dog trainers holds their students to a high standard, with extensive course material and hands-on practical requirements. 


After graduation, she was offered an apprenticeship where she worked with the instructors in the academy, and was a member of the training department. Duties included conducting group classes, private lessons and training dogs in the in-kennel board and train program at the world's largest training and behavior facility.   She was then hired to write the curriculum for two extensive distance education programs for Triple Crown Academy and acted as the Distance Education Instructor of those programs while remaining a member of the training department.  

After working at Triple Crown, Crystal moved back to River Falls WI in 2009 with her three dogs.  She then started working as a trainer with The Canine Coach, the largest professional dog training company in the Twin Cities.  In 2011, she branched out on her own and founded Crystal Clear Canine Training. Her true passion lies in analyzing canine behavior, and being a facilitator to clear up the lines of communication between dogs and their owners.

Professional Dog Trainer
Operations Manager

Riley has always loved dogs.  He grew up with labs, and even hunted with them occasionally.  With a knack for technology, and degree in Network Administration, Riley was set for a career in IT. 


When he met Crystal in 2009 dogs became a very prominent part of his life. Ever since, he has been assisting in providing the structure and consistency that everyday life living with a professional dog trainer and their dogs/their client's dogs brings.  It was only a matter of time before Riley himself became a trainer.  Now a husband and wife team, Crystal & Riley truly dedicate themselves to the dogs that they work with.

Riley is a jack of all trades here at Crystal Clear Canine.  He manages the staff, is our main handy-man., and loves providing continued support to our clients after their dogs have been through training at camp.  Nicknamed "Smiley Riley", and an Eagle Scout at his core, he truly is "always prepared" and usually has a smile on his face. 

He has a special fondness for the extra large, and extra fluffy dogs.

Certified Professional Dog Trainer
Behavior Specialist
AKC CGC Evaluator #97540
Certified in Pet First Aid & CPR

Colleen grew up on a dairy farm in Luxemburg, Wisconsin where her devotion for animals blossomed. In 2007, when she rescued a German Shepherd named Lobo, she knew that she wanted a career enriching the lives of dogs.


A graduate from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls (UWRF), with majors in both Animal Science and Pre-Veterinary Medicine, Colleen has a passion for education. When she enrolled in college, her goal was to become a veterinarian. However, when she started working as a canine caretaker & trainer's assistant for Crystal Clear Canine Training in May of 2016, she knew that she had found her true calling. 


Colleen is a full time staff member and is a graduate of The Michael Ellis School of Dog Training in California.  She heads our day camp program, trains dogs in our board and train program, conducts private lessons, and teaches group classes.  Her passion is in making a true difference in the lives of dogs and their owners.

She enjoys canine competition sports work, especially acting as a training decoy (wearing the bite suit) for Mondio Ring.


Caretaking Manager

Jessica is often the fan-favorite team member here as she does the majority of the feeding shifts!  She is also in charge of the health and well-being of the dogs in our care.  With a background of working in vet clinics, she has the experience that we can trust to ensure dogs here receive the best.

A very sincere person, you will never find a kinder soul.  Her dedication to animal welfare, and special gift with the more shy dogs makes her a great asset to our group.  


She manages everything with the dogs in boarding to make sure they can enjoy a healthy, happy and comfortable environment.  The dogs and we are lucky to have her on board!


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River Falls WI 54022
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