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All of our training programs are customized to your unique dog, and your unique goals.


Our focus is on quality 


No crate and rotate style boarding and training here... No loud and crowded kennel environment. 


Our home-away-from-home approach is fueled in the belief of providing a low-stress environment and an un-matched dedication to the health and happiness of the dogs that we train. 


We choose to share our home with them just as if they were our own because our clients and their dogs deserve that level of care and attention.

In fact, we take that dedication to quality a step further... we keep our trainer to dog ratio 1:1 in our full immersion program.

We explore boarding and training options most commonly with clients who are:

Busy professionals and/or families that want a well trained dog but find it difficult to balance the dog's training needs with their schedules

Pro-active dog owners that want to set a strong foundation so they can prevent unwanted issues from developing with their dog


Frequent travelers who prefer a higher level of care for their dog that incorporates training while they're gone


Experiencing behavioral concerns with their dog, and could massively benefit from a training intervention with a pro


Puppy owners who want to be on the fast track to a well socialized and well adjusted adult canine companion

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The first step is connecting and having a conversation about your dog...

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