Training camp is our most popular option for owners who want to live their best life with their dogs, and is a preferable alternative for boarding while you're out of town.  We provide dogs in our a care a home environment, and the dogs in camp live in the home of professional trainers 24/7.

Our focus is on quality, not quantity. We want to build long-standing relationships with our clients and their dogs, and we want the dogs in our care to receive only the BEST. The result is an un-matched dedication to the happiness and success of the dogs and owners that we work with.


Our training camp builds the foundation in training that every home can benefit from. We focus on clearing up the lines of communication between dogs and their owners and go past basic obedience, to work on socially based communication.  Life with your dog is in turn easier and happier.

Our training programs are customized to your unique dog, and your unique goals.  To start the process, request a complimentary consultation below!



Boarding Club

Once a dog has been through our board and train program, then they gain access to the boarding club. This exclusivity helps ensure that we know every dog here very well, and that every dog here has the highest level of care and attention possible.


When you've invested in training, being able to board your dog within the home of the trainers who laid that foundation is ideal.  Our staff will maintain the consistency in training, and enforce the good manners that we've worked to establish together. 

We think of every dog in our care as a part of our extended fur-family!


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