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Thank you for all of your help with Peppa. She is a MUCH different dog after coming home from camp. She LISTENS, she responds and she has much less anxiety- we all do! Thank you for your patience with her, and turning her into a pup we ALL enjoy being with! 

- Holly Guth & Family

Peppa: Behavioral Intervention Camper

Minneapolis, MN

"This is the dog I was dreaming of. Thank you so much for everything. Coco is a happy girl now...she's all smiles." 
~Joan Foreman & Family

Coco: Complete Companion Camper

Saint Paul, MN



...We are in awe and amazed! He (Riley) would get a little ahead of us and when he got to the point where we wanted him closer, we would call him and he turned around and came back every time. During our off leash walks he was able to do all of his sniffing, peeing and whatever he wanted as long as he was never all that far from us. We are sure he now understands that we are going to do the same thing you did! There wasn’t anyone that walked down to our end of the dead end road and no cars that came down there so that will be his next test next time we are up there. We are so proud of him and his new skills and he actually seems happier that he knows what he is supposed to do. Paul and I mentioned that we actually had an enjoyable weekend without having to run around looking for Riley."

~Pat & Paul Forsman

Riley: Complete Companion Camp

Roberts, WI


What a difference we're seeing with Gus!  He's doing so well overall, and we are so grateful for your help!  We have the tools to help him now- we know his training will be an ongoing process- but before your camp, we didn't know what to do/how to help him, now we do! Thanks to you and the foundation that you have laid for us. We can't thank you enough!

-Joalle Holmberg

Gus: Behavioral Intervention Camper

New Ulm, MN

I just wanted to share a successful experience with you...In general, Ozzie has been amazing us as he shows us what all he's learned, and we show him that we know the rules too.  What really blew my mind though, was bringing him to softball last night.  I was nervous to bring him, because I thought it might be too much too soon, and I didn't want to set him up to fail.  But it was also going to be a perfect opportunity to work with him, because Rita was playing, but I was just there to watch.  We're usually both playing, so I wanted to jump on this opportunity to bring him and work with him.  We brought his place bed with, and for pretty much the entire first game, I had him on place.  With other barking dogs occasionally passing by, kids on noisy bikes, foul balls hitting nearby fences, Rita separated from us but close enough to see... he stayed on place.  There were a couple moments he started to whine (i have a question about that in a second), but for the most part, he did incredibly well, stayed quiet, and focused on his job.  I tested him in various ways, walked varying distances away from him, turned in different directions, etc... but he remained under my control.  We changed fields for the second game, so we moved into an area further away from the entrance of the park, where I could work on some "off leash" stuff with him.  For the second game, I set up a spot in the grass near the dugout, with his bed and my stuff, but I didn't put him in place.  I had him on a long lead, but he was free, and I never had to grab it or anything.  Even with freedom, he never tried to bolt away, and he never got anxious about his surroundings, or other dogs, or not being able to get to Rita.  He was so calm and comfortable, it made me so happy.  For most of the time, he just laid in the grass close to his bed, and looked around.  I would occasionally walk away and call him to me, and he responded appropriately every time.  I would work with him on sit/stays, and then free him, and he'd go back to chill out in his spot near his bed.  I have never seen him so relaxed in these situations... it made me unbelievably proud and happy.  

-Heidi Johnson

Ozzie: Complete Companion Camper

Minneapolis, MN


Crystal, thank you so much for coming to our house. The dogs have shown a ton of improvement since you were here! They are beginning to grasp the concept of space and we have noticed a big decline in the looks Reggie commonly gave Triton. We have been feeding them each separately as we discussed and the dogs work for everything they get. They are still a little obnoxious when their is a knock on the door, but each time we notice they improve from the time before! We enjoyed you coming to our house and believe you are worth every penny! 
 -Rachael Mousel

                                                                                         Chippewa Falls, WI



Things are going great!!!  Buckley hasn't growled at me in… well I can't even remember the last time!!  She is doing really well with 'back’ and I have learned how to control the space in the house really well.  We are still working on the energy, but with that said, she no longer has a 20 minute long panic attack when the UPS guy comes to the door.  It is a little bark and jump around, then I put her in a room with the back command until she relaxes...


She hasn't picked on Bishop at all, which I have been really surprised about.  She actually seems to want to play with him more now than ever.  She also seems so much more at ease, less anxious, and much more trust worthy of me.  I can't believe the results that we have already received from our one visit with you!!!...


All in all things are great!!!  Can't thank you enough for the tools you have given us to help Buckley be a happier dog.


- Brenna Collins 

River Falls, WI



"Crystal I cannot thank you enough for braving the storm and making it to help Mable and I on Thursday.  Your guidance and instruction has literally changed Mabel over night.  She is no longer biting, nipping or mouthing any family member or guest.  That feat I was convinced was going to take months to wean her from that behavior.  Your single visit showed us the correct technique to effectively make a positive impact on her behavior.  The touch technique has solidified my place as a pack leader in her mind and it has provided the perfect base to build from.  Jumping up on the children and guests has been cut down to a minimum and I know with consistency we should be out of this phase shortly.  We are very excited for the training to come and again are thrilled that we chose to invest in your training package!"

-Tarra Balok

Stillwater, MN



"We've had Dingo back for about six weeks [from board and train camp] and I can't begin to tell you how pleased we are with the changes you helped us make in his behavior.  Once an unruly, certainly undisciplined, and occasionally aggressive dog, Dingo is now a dog we can live with, a dog who can be trusted around our young daughter and her friends, and around our cats.  Having occasionally tried to make the cats his breakfast, he now barely pays attention to them.  He's very well-behaved around children, and is obedient around the home, on walks, and at the dog park... Friends who had seen Dingo before his time with you have all commented on the radical and positive transformation.  All in all, we couldn't be happier.  We have no hesitation about recommending you to others."  


Dingo's owner, David Born

Saint Paul MN



"I very much want you to know how much I appreciate the classes and your help and patient instruction!

You are  the best trainer I have ever worked with in the 42 years I have had German Shepherds."

Susan Roadmahle, Somerset WI 



"Both of our parents were amazed when they came over to our hourse at how good Odin was.  They even thought he was outside when I answered the door!"

- Jen and Chris Nowacki, Woodbury MN
( Giant Schnauzer with very high excitability, jumping/spacial rudeness... after two in-home training sessions)

Hi Crystal,
Vinny is improving all the time.  Not perfect, but the episodes of out-of-control barking at other dogs are less frequent for sure.  And when they do happen, they seem less intense, and it's easier to pull him out of them.  I had an experience when my mom and I took them to the dog park last weekend where we met numerous dogs coming in and out, and he didn't "lose it" once, including when a pit bull walked about 6 feet from him while he was on leash when we were leaving (with a couple treats to help, of course).  It was one of those "What happened to Vinny and who is THIS dog?" moments.  ;-)... And it's much easier to keep him from barking in the house now-- a bark or two and he'll stop when I tell him "no" almost always... I've kept him and Izzy out my kitchen (using "back") when I've been cutting up dog treats!!! That is WICKED useful, LOL.

-Heidi Huser, Hudson WI
(Leash frustration/aggression and energy control... after just one in-home training session)


Crystal, thank you so much for working with me & Stanley today. I am amazed at the progress he's made already!! You truly have a gift and love what you do. Thanks again!!

- Amy Schmidt Smith,  Minneapolis MN
(Separation Anxiety... After just one in-home training session)


Crystal just brought Maddie home and we are so impressed! 
Even one our neighbors asked if that was the same dog! 
Thank You Crystal!

-Carrie and Scott Johnson, Northfield MN
(4 week Complete Canine Camper)



Things are going great with Rambo.  His walking is getting sooo much better.  He really picked up on the leash trick that you taught me.  Sometimes, when he has a lot of energy I have to "remind" him a couple times how to walk nice, but he get's it.  He waits until he is "invited" out the door and I have been practicing "space control" within the home. 
Thank you so much for all you taught me! ... I mean us  :)

-Jackie Jager, River Falls WI
(Leash pulling, Territorial case- after just one in-home training session)



Just an update to let you know how Joey is doing.  We just had a "perfect" day without any mishaps in the house...he now knows when we say "Let's go potty" that it is time to go to the door and get his leash on.  He trots right out to his spot now without leading. 

We also tried a larger kennel and while he protests going in, he is good inside with his two toys that dispense little treats.  In fact, we keep those toys in the kennel and he now goes in to try and pull them out but we make them stay in the kennel.

So far, so good.  

Thank you for much for all your words of advice.  It has made a difference and this rescue is well on his way to being ready for adoption.


Jeri Rolbiecki

(House training/ anxiety: foster dog- after getting advice on how to tackle housetraining issues)


Crystal, I am amazed at the difference I see in our walks with Terry since our session yesterday! He's doing so much better (which means I'm interacting better).
Jenni Hollar, Saint Paul MN

(Leash Frustration/Aggression- after a 2nd private lesson)



Crystal seems to have a special relationship with not only the dogs she trains, but their owners as well. She is fun, but always professional. The dogs love her and she seems to know what they're thinking! Crystal is able to communicate clearly and offers excellent direction and specific suggestions to each owner. Crystal shares her contact information with her clients and will email and/or phone you if you have questions, even after the class is completed. I highly recommend Crystal as not only an incredibly knowledgeable dog trainer, but her customer service is rare in these times.

Karen Cappolino, Austin TX 

(Group ClassBoard and Train Client)



I was referred to Crystal just as I was completing the adoption process to take home my dog, Oliver, and I really don't think I would have made it through those first months of adjustment without her.  She has helped me with everything from the basics to more complicated issues that have come up.  In each interaction, I have found her to be knowledgeable, empathetic, and passionate about her work.  Each time I worked with her, I not only came away with great ideas to try, but also feeling really listened to and understood.  Crystal genuinely cares about dogs, their owners--and, most importantly--the relationship between the two.  She takes a personal interest in how things are going and checks in on our progress regularly.  I feel blessed to have Crystal in our lives and I think Oliver would say the same!     


-Bethany Hansen, Minneapolis

(General testimonial)





Loki (my 3 year old American Eskimo) and I were in your Dog to Human Socialization class this summer.  I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful teacher you are, how much your lessons meant to me and how they have been integrated into our lives.

As a result of you helping me see the world from a fearful dog's perspective, I am now equipped to respond to Loki's behavior with understanding rather than frustration.
Because you showed me how to interpret Loki's body language (I was totally clueless on this), I am able to identify and address signs of fear/aggression at early stages, long before biting happens.  And by giving me practical tools to convince Loki I am in charge and will take care of him, he has become much more calm, less fearful and far more comfortable in his own skin. the happy, delightful dog I wanted him to be.

Walks are becoming a joy.  I no longer panic when we have visitors.  And Loki has not bitten anyone!  Of course there have been some set-backs, but I am able to confidently address undesirable behavior and get back on course.

Thanks again for all the valuable insights and techniques you shared.  You
have made a big difference in our lives!!
------Sue & Loki
(Sue Aumer) Saint Paul, MN

(Human aggression, shy and fearful case- after taking a group class)




I just wanted to pass on a recommendation for Crystal. 

Just wanted to let you know how I value the service Crystal provided. My 8 month old Dixie, a Shepherd-Collie mix seemed to always to on high alert during her walks and would bark uncontrollably at other dogs, pop up on her leash when she saw a rabbit or squirrel and I would have to say the only way I could do loose leash walking was to sort of run to catch up to her. 

Crystal within two hours taught me a few very simple techniques that put me back into control and I have to say Dixie and my walks are now enjoyable and she seems so much more relaxed. Not perfect yet but with consistency I know she will continue to improve and seems to understand finally what I am asking of her. Tried other trainers with very limited results so I contacted Canine Coach and they told me to call Crystal. I am glad I made the call. 

After a week I have continued to see so much improvement that I no longer use a leash to take Dixie to the back yard or to the neighbor's house since she follows me. We seem to be finally communicating with each other. Lovely dog, high energy and now I have the tools to communicate with her in a way she seems to understand what I am asking of her. 

Karen Loida, St. Paul 

(Leash frustration case- after just one in-home session)


Hi Crystal,
I just wanted to follow up on how it's going with Bella since our last session.  It is going great!  working on "place" has been fantastic, even Lady has taken to it really well!  

The jumping on people has tamed down dramatically, she still gets excited and try's to jump.  But, everyone who is a consistent visitor to my house has learned the technique that teaches her its not OK to jump on them.  That includes my sons and grandchildren along with my closest friends.  My son's are really respecting the techniques that you gave me and are really impressed with how well they work.  My newest grand baby is only 3 months old and Bella just checks her out and sits next to her as if to say "I know she is special so I will be really careful".  

I also have to share with you how our first road trip went.  It was great!  We were up on a farm with 20 acres and her recall was fantastic, she ran and ran and played for 4 days and when we got home she was sacked out for 2 days...I couldn't have asked for a better weekend with her!  

Anyway, thank you so much!  I am really looking forward to getting together this spring to work on walking.  

Jo Ann Tesar, Saint Paul MN
(Excitability- especially regarding children, and coming when called issues- after 2nd in-home training session)



Crystal has been fantastic! My husband and I really appreciate her approach and how well she explains everything.

Emily Herman and Chubby, New Brighton MN

(Group Class Students)


Hi Crystal.
I just had to share a success story with you. Today I brought Sterling with me to go to a friends house who has 2 one year old Golden Retrievers. I figured he would be on his Gentle Leader the whole time we were there but he surpassed my expectations. Within 30 minutes he was off his leader, and I had him attached to the leash by his collar, then let him drag that around for about 15 more minutes and then was free roam with them! No playing with them, but he played with toys near them, sat for pictures near them, and coexisted with only a few minor growls. I was SOOOOO proud of him!
Had to share it with you. Its so nice to see him be able to meet them, and manage his nervousness without major issues! Yeah sterling!

Brittney Anderson, Saint Paul MN

(Client in a dog to dog aggression class- after taking group class)



I wanted to thank you for training me and Yoshi on Monday 8/2. I was absolutely amazed with what you were able to do with him. I have been working on this with him, and he seems to be listening quite a bit better. I am sure that is because he will start to look at me more as the leader than he did. I think I learned more in that hour then I had in all the classes I had been to before. I realize you took your time to sit with me and work with us when you did not have to. I hope you know how much I appreciate all you did for us, and taught to me. Hopefully I will be able to work with you in the future. 

Thanks again! 

Beth Gerstne, Saint Paul MN 

(Excitability/ Jumping- after one private lesson)



Hi Crystal,

Thank you for your help on Wednesday. Levi and I are making incredible progress! We have been using your system for less than 3 days and already our walks are more enjoyable. Prepare to have your socks blown off when you come back in 2 weeks to show us the next step! 

Sarah Berger, St. Paul

(Car chasing obsession case- after just one in-home session)



Hi Crystal,



I wanted to drop a note and let you know that Kai has made great progress.  In late October I had 5 of my girlfriends over for an all day event.  We took that opportunity to test his progress.  He was great!  After they were here for about an hour he was up here laying on the floor next to them.  By the end of the day he was even letting them pet him.  A couple of them were smokers and they would go out to smoke and when they came back in he didn't even bark at them.  My friends said "he's a completely different dog."


He continues to be a good boy when people come over.


We just wanted to thank you for coming over and spending a few hours with us.  It has made all he difference in the world.


We just referred some friends to your company for help with their new dog. 


Thanks again,

Laurie Burks, Mendota Heights MN

(Human Aggression case- after just one in-home training session)




Dear Crystal,


Jack has made great progress, thanks to your suggestions.  Our friends are no longer nervous around him.  People are amazed.


Chris and Susan DeVries, Saint Paul MN

 (Human/ Fear Aggression case- after 2nd in-home training session)


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